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Polygraph test Illovo is dedicated to offering the most robust analysis of deception and other psychological conditions for business when they need it the most. We understand the importance of checking the empirical detection of your employees’ loyalty in deterring threats to your company. We believe in investing in the latest technological development in our Lie Detector test Illovo systems. As the system evolves, we do too.

Polygraph tests
Polygraph tests

What AreSome of the Mainstream Services Offered by Polygraph test Illovo?

Integrity and reliability and actionable results- security made simple at Polygraph test Illovo

Criminal Investigation

Criminal record checks   is one of the major domains that we offer as a service to our customers. We have a reliable and straightforward method of extracting the reliability ratio for our clients. More than 69 countries including the US, use lie detector tests for law enforcement.


Polygraph test Illovo has robust experience in locating those who are lost. Our team of analysts and investigators are well equipped with the most robust knowledge of the deep investigation. Our Lie detector instrumental in achieving the necessary results along with our human expertise.

Polygraph and Lie Detection

Polygraph test Illovo offers you results with 98 percent accuracy. Our robust technology and deep analysis of the results from our Polygraph Illovo systems makes us one of the best solutions to determine the psychological stability and wellbeing of your subjects.

Criminal background check

At Polygraph test Illovo we provide a range of personal information and verification. Our strategies and outcomes are reliable and offer an easy implementation. It is the best method to check on the stability and credibility of your staff members or prospective applications for a vacancy. We understand that a proper evaluation of an employee’s background is one of the prerequisites at ensuring the overall wellbeing of your company. It is for the same reason that we are very serious about using the most reliable methods to bring out the truth behind all subjects. Lie Detector test Illovo is one of those tools that helps us most in our endeavors to keep you safe.

Other services That We Offer

Perhaps you have tried our services before! And the reliable results from the last endeavor has left you more interested. Perhaps you have realized the importance of such analysis for different domains of life! Or you might be looking for something more specific. Well, here are some of the other services that we have for you at Polygraph test Illovo. 

Relationship lie detector tests

Indifference, suspicions, affairs, cheating, infidelity, all these words just too intense. But when somebody goes through the real-life consequence, it is far worse than the sensical meaning of these words. And we at Polygraph test Illovo, hate to see you go through this. Whether it is a mere suspicion or a solid receipt that you have, we can help you manage is better. Our robust tools such as the Relationship lie detector tests, or the Infidelity lie detector tests are one of the most reliable methods of finding on what’s the real deal with your partner. 

Let’s Call It a Wrap for Now

Polygraph test Illovo is a great way to keep the security breaches both professional and personal at bay. Other than that you when you get in touch with us you also receive the following bonus points:

  • A trustworthy criminal record check Illovo
  • Offers on services such as Relationship lie detector tests
  • Fast and actionable results with the help of a tool like Lie detector Illovo system
  • Expert team of analysts to help you make better sense of the empirical results.
  • Transparent system and fair rates or terms.