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About the Editor:


Frik van Eeden is a motivated, action-orientated forensic investigator, who leads and motivates his team through his enthusiasm, energy and example. He holds a B Iuris law degree from UNISA (University of South Africa), is a CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) and obtained a certificate in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination from the University of Pretoria.


Frik is the Managing Director of Phandahanu Forensics and his main specialisation is the field of fraud and corruption investigation, detection and prevention in which he has been involved for more than fourteen years.


He is regularly invited to speak on the topic of fraud at conferences and seminars and has acted as workshop leader in a number of fraud-related workshops hosted by Phandahanu Consulting (Pty) Ltd. He has been a workshop facilitator for Marcus Evans and has recently been the Master of Ceremonies at the annual White Collar Crime Summit. 


Frik has acted as a consultant for a number of companies over the past years including Deloitte & Touche Forensic Services, Gobodo Risk Management and Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs Forensics. He has been involved in major forensic investigations on behalf of national and local government departments, private companies and law firms and was a project leader on a number of these projects. These include inter alia: procurement fraud, financial statement fraud, misappropriation of assets, payroll fraud, corruption and money laundering.